Sona MedSpa

Reduce Cellulite & Tighten Loose Skin

with Body Contouring at Sona MedSpa

Hours at the gym and obsessive calorie counting sometimes aren’t enough. When it’s time to tighten your skin and minimize your cellulite, the professionals at Sona are here to give you the results you’ve always wanted to see in the mirror. 

Body contouring is the perfect way to target problem areas of fat and cellulite. Sona treats loose skin and fat deposits with advanced thermal skin tightening technology. Most body contouring products focus only on contouring, not on tightening which is the critical difference in achieving visible long-term benefits.

Plus, these treatments requires no downtime like surgical procedures. You can trust Sona- with over 16 years in the industry, our experience & commitment will help you look and feel your best! Simply fill out the form on this page and a Sona Consultant will contact you for a Free Consultation or call 866-GET-SONA.